CERAMICS CHINA 2019 Comes to Conclusion with Great Success

The 33rd China International Exhibition for Ceramics Technology, Equipment and Products (CERAMICS CHINA 2019) was successfully held in Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou from June 18th to 21st. This top brand pageant in the world’s ceramic industry has an exhibition area of 90,000 sq.m and converges 816 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions. With the visiting person-time of 95,180, visitors are from over 100 countries and regions such as India, Vietnam, Iran, Korea, Spain, Russia, etc.

Organized by Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Material Federation, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association and CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, CERAMICS CHINA 2019 presented a high-quality pageant to ceramic industry colleagues worldwide.


Positive Feedback from Elite Enterprises

Many well-known enterprises in the world have participated in this brand event, such as SACMI, KERAjet, EFI, TORRECID, FERRO, FUJIFILM, EDING, MODENA, JUMPER, HOPE, MEIJIA, BOFFIN and so forth. Exhibitors have made great achievements in the exhibition and lots of feedback was got from the exhibitors.

Mr. Paolo Mongardi, the president of SACMI Group, indicated that they have got great success in CERAMICS CHINA 2019.

Mr. Jose Luis Ramon Moreno, Vice President & General Manager of EFI Cretaprint, said they had an amazing job in CERAMICS CHINA 2019, sharing their last innovations for ceramics industry.


Mr. Ivan Nieto, General Manager of KERAjet S.A. of China said: “The exhibition is amazing, the fair organization is improving compared with last year. In our case, our customers are not only coming from the Chinese market, we're also receiving companies from India, and from south and east Asia. This exhibition is one of the best worldwide.”

After visiting the exhibition, Director of Messe Munich, Mr. Igor Palka, thought highly of Unifair, the organizer of the exhibition, “You proved again to the world, that you are excellently organizing the largest trade fair in the world on ceramics...”




The Quality of Visitors is Higher Than Previous Editions

The number of pre-registered visitors reached 16,859 with almost 10,000 domestic ones. The number of visiting groups organized by governments and industry associations in various ceramic producing areas nationwide was up to 26, with a total number of more than 1,200 people. There were industry professionals and professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the top five overseas countries were India, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, and South Korea. A total of 7 delegations were organized by foreign ceramic associations and media organizations, with a total number of more than 500 people.

Compared with last editions, not only the quantity, but also the quality of visitors was improving and we could see more enterprise executives and decision-makers in the exhibition. Moreover, the proportion of foreign visitors was significantly increased, which means the international popularity and influence of CERAMICS CHINA were enhanced. During the four-day exhibition, the exhibition hall was crowded with hot business negotiation.



Innovative Products Are Always the Highlights and Focus

CERAMICS CHINA 2019 involves multiple fields such as building ceramic, sanitaryware, tableware, artware, industrial ceramics, covering a full range of upstream products and services including raw materials, decorative materials, wear-resistant and refractory materials, production/processing machinery and equipment, spare parts, mold, tools, design services, etc. Among them, intelligent products and solutions, industrial robots, digital glazing equipment, ceramic slab production technology, foamed ceramic process equipment, new technology of energy saving and environmental protection, new colored glaze material and functional ink, functional ceramic technology and application become highlights and focus of the exhibition this year.





Intelligence becomes the mainstream

Compared with previous editions, the intelligent equipment of CERAMICS CHINA 2019 has been obviously upgraded showing the characteristics of higher efficiency, better quality, more complete functions and higher precision. For example, LANKE displayed its high-speed large-size fully-compatible packaging machine that can realize more than ten kinds of compatible conversion with packaging speed up to 14 packs/min. The ceramic roller breakage and life management intelligent system by FCRI can realize remote monitoring, data management, mobile synchronous notification, analysis and prediction of roller damage, etc. Meanwhile, the range of intelligent equipment is wider and more comprehensive this year. Equipment such as intelligent packer, AGV transfer robot and intelligent kiln storage and distribution system were also unveiled.



Full upgrade of ceramic slab technology

Ceramic slab has been a popular product in the past two years. At the exhibition, both equipment exhibitors and materials exhibitors have fully upgraded their front end technology under the tide of the ceramic slab. SACMI showcased the most comprehensive slab manufacturing machine CONTINUA+, which is also for the first time in China, while MODENA highlighted its seven-layer drying kiln for large plates and the new multi-functional tunnel kiln that is the first and unique in the industry. Furthermore, there have been single pieces of technical equipment displayed by Chinese enterprises, which drew much attention and became one of the focus of the exhibition.

Continua+ Shine HD


Huge breakthrough of digital glazing technology

At CERAMICS CHINA 2019, digital glaze technology presented a new breakthrough with water-based digital glaze, digital glaze machine, water-based nozzles displayed. The eye-catching digital glazing modular device, which displayed by KERAJET and EFI CRETAPRINT, can be flexibly connected to the front or the back of the inkjet machine to realize the full digital production of decorative line. We have also seen different kinds of digital glazing equipment at the booths of HOPE, KERAJET, EFI CRETAPRINT, etc.






Decorative materials highlight functional features

Evaluating from the products displayed by the glaze exhibitors, it is obvious that the upstream enterprises pay more and more attention to the wear-resistance and anti-skid of tiles. A number of exhibitors have exhibited super wear-resistant glazes and anti-skid tiles including DOWSTONE, WANDAO, and so on. On the other hand, being affected by the ceramic slab trend, a large number of pigment, glaze and ink exhibitors exhibited ceramic slabs of larger than 2400×1200mm, as well as showed processing technologies such as secondary fabrics and dry granular of slabs at their booths, which could make the slabs achieve well behaved. In terms of ink, there have been ordinary pigment inks, functional inks, osmotic inks, water-based inks, etc., and functional inks include fine ink, peeling ink, and flash ink. Exhibitors, such as DOWSTONE, NGY, KEHAI ANGTAI, have made good progress in improving ink coloring and darkening, and have taken a big step toward more refined and specialized.



After more than 30 years of dedicated cultivation and ingenious casting, CERAMICS CHINA has already become a high-quality brand commonly recognized by the global ceramic industry. It is not only the vane to lead the development of ceramic technology, but also a booster to promote the development of the industry. The achievements that CERAMICS CHINA has been able to made today is inseparable from the active participation and support of exhibitors, ceramic enterprises, government departments, media partners, industry associations and other international organizations and institutions, etc. We believe the future of CERAMICS CHINA will be more brilliant.